Membership Plans Available


6-Week Introductory Membership ($79) - This abbreviated membership plan allows you to kick the tires of our service at a substantial discount. It provides you with 6 weeks of Ceppro Reports during which you will also have full access to our Precision Trading Membership forum. (Only available once a year.)

GOLD Premium Membership - Our Premium Membership plan is the best membership plan we offer. Here are the details:

  • There is a one-time (non-refundable) setup fee of $595 that includes your first 8-weeks of membership.
  • Then your card is automatically debited $65 for each 4-week period.
  • Your rates will NEVER go up for as long as you keep your account open and in good standing.
  • You receive a FREE copy of our Square Timer program.
  • You receive a FREE copy of the Professional Trading Techniques eBook.
  • You receive discounts on other products we currently offer now and in the future.
  • Premium Members with us for at least 6 months may qualify to license our Ceppro Program or other proprietary software tools when offered periodically.
  • Access to our Special Content Section on the PTM forum.

Fixed Week Plans (Non-Premium)

The following plans are for those who prefer to simply pay for a fixed number of weeks for membership.

12-Week Plan ($545)- For those who wish to only purchase fixed period access to our membership. This plan provides 12 weeks of Ceppro Reports and access to the Precision Trading Membership forum during that period.

16-Week Plan ($635)- Same access privileges as the 12-week plan but for 16-weeks worth of Ceppro Reports.

52-Week Plan ($1295 - one full year) - 52 weeks of Ceppro Reports as well as access to the Precision Trading Membership forum.


Our Membership Policy (IMPORTANT)

Before submitting payment for any of our membership plans, please read the Membership Agreement forms carefully. These forms will spell out what you are to expect from us.

It is important to note that the only plan that provides a refund clause is the Trial Membership. Please note this policy carefully as it pertains to your rights as a member.

The Trial Membership plan was designed to give you access to our private membership forum so that you can make a determination as to whether this service is right for you in order to continue with our regular plans.

Fixed-Week Plans - The longer the term the less cost-per-week. You can cancel at anytime. However, since the plans are designed at a lower cost-per-week basis in expectation that the member will keep the account open full term, the cost-per-week will revert to full value of $50 per week for all weeks used prior to cancellation and deducted from the amount paid to join. The difference, if any, will be the refund amount.

Suspending an Account - An account cannot be suspended, only cancelled upon written request (see link below).


Secure Communications - If you wish to contact our office with information that is sensitive such as your credit card number, you can use our Secure Email form to do so.