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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many trading services on the Internet. Some provide you with a weekly newsletter telling you what you should buy or sell and at what price, leaving you with having to make no decision (and often no money) at all. Some just sell books, some just advice, some...well...something else. So you are going to have questions that need answering. I want you to be able to make an informed decision. So I put this FAQ page together in the hopes of answering questions you may have. If you don't find an answer to your question, write me at or give me a call at 479 936-1380 (10:00am - 2:00pm Central time Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only please.)

Q. As a member, what exactly should I expect to receive?

A. Everything about this trading membership centers around precision market timing using the information found on our weekly Ceppro Report. Each weekend the report is posted for viewing and/or downloading at our Precision Trading Membership forum. As a member, you will be given a Username and Password to access this private forum. There you can download the weekly Ceppro Report which contains all your daily cycle turn dates and your weekly cycle turn dates. Everything we do here revolves around the information found in this report.

Q. Okay, then what are daily cycle turn dates and weekly cycle turn dates?

A. Markets move up and down in a cyclic manner. There are many cycles of varying frequencies and amplitudes that combine to make the repeatable patterns you see on price charts, such as triangles, flag formations, double or triple tops and bottoms, etc. The easiest way to understand cycles is to consider the seasons. Each year there are four seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. And we all know that commodities of various types are season dependent. There is a time for planting, growing, reaping, manufacturing, raising, slaughtering, etc. And this repeats each year. That is a cycle. Weather changes with seasons also, and we all know what the weather can do to prices. After years of research I have come to discover that there is a natural order to how the markets behave. The underlying dynamic cycle pattern repeats, providing the basis for forecasting future turns. This has led to the development of the most unique cycle extraction program in existence, the Ceppro program. Ceppro stands for Cycle Extraction Protocol Professional. It is a proprietary approach that provides amazing results. This program takes historical price data and extracts the cycle patterns it can detect. It then compares the patterns and then determines where we are within these cycle patterns projected forward in time. The results are future turn dates (cycle turn dates) for the time frame analyzed. A daily cycle date is a calendar date when we can expect a top or bottom swing to form on a daily price chart to within a single price bar. A weekly cycle date is a calendar date (Friday date) when we can expect a top or bottom swing as viewed on a weekly chart. Since a weekly chart is a larger time-frame than a daily chart, these weekly cycle turn dates are fantastic for anticipating big trend changes as viewed on a daily chart. The accuracy of these turns to within a single price bar is amazingly high, at least 80% +.

Q. What is a swing top or bottom?

A. Another name that you may know them by is 'pivot' top or bottom. They are quite easy to identify on your price chart.

We can expect a swing top or bottom to occur at the times listed by the cycle turn dates. The weekly cycle turn date will give us the longer-term change of trend outlook, and the daily will give us the fine-tuning and entry time-frame outlook. Used together, we can anticipate a significant weekly change of trend and then isolate it more precisely using our daily cycle dates and the daily price chart.

Q. What markets do you cover on the weekly Ceppro Report?

A. A list of the markets currently covered can be found by clicking here.

Q. On your list of markets covered, I do not see any Forex pairs listed. Do you provide cycle turn dates for Forex as well?

A. Our turn dates are calculated using historical price data on the futures markets found on our 'markets covered' list. For trading Forex, which is what I enjoy doing myself, you would use the dates listed for the currency futures. Since the currency futures are pegged to the USD, they can be used with the Forex pairs that are also pegged to the USD, such as USD/CAD and AUD/USD for example.

Q. Do you give specific trade recommendations?

A. The function of this trading membership and the materials/information we provide is to help our members trade with greater precision than ever before. Discretionary traders do not want to be told what they should trade. We leave this decision to you. The report currently lists 20 futures markets. You simply focus on those you enjoy trading and use the cycle turn dates to pinpoint exactly when you wish to enter a trade. We provide Guidelines on how to make the most of cycle turn dates when you are starting out. They will help you arrive at a price to enter and to place your initial stop-loss. And our training materials also teach stop-loss management strategies as well as other lessons for better trading. But we leave the final decision to you.

Q. Why do you not offer a free Trial Membership?

A. In the beginning we had a free trial. Unfortunately it was abused and produced a lot of extra work as well as imposed on our group of dedicated and serious members. When we started to ask a small fee for the Trial, then this problem went away. We've been doing it this way now for nearly a decade.

Q. Do you have some kind of track record or hypothetical statement that we can use to compare?

A. The cycle turn dates are at least approximately 80% or greater in accuracy of forecasting market tops and bottoms to within a single price bar on their respective time frames. A record would only reflect what we wanted to print here, so that won't help you. Only by seeing with your own eyes will you come to see how amazingly accurate our cycle turn dates are.

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

A. If I were to guarantee that you will become an instant success as a trader using our services, then I would be doing you an injustice. In fact, anyone making such a guarantee should be avoided. With that said, if you are not completely happy with your Trial, you can cancel within 14 days for a 100% refund. All I ask is that you tell me why so that if there are any misunderstandings that it can be cleared up. This membership has been in existence since 1996 due to having completely satisfied members.

Q. How do I join?

A. At the top of this page you will see a link that says JOIN. That will take you to the Membership Plans we currently have available. Hope to see you aboard!

Q. If I join on a Tuesday for the 16-week Membership Plan, does this mean that my membership will expire exactly 16 weeks from that date also on a Tuesday?

A. No. The term 'weeks' refers to the number of weekly Ceppro reports you have received. The 16-week Membership then would mean that your membership is good for 16 weeks of Ceppro Reports, one for each week. If you join on a Tuesday, your first report will be the following Friday (or over the weekend) of that week. Once you received your 16th report your membership immediately expires. We send out a notice a few days prior to let you know when your membership is expiring and if there are any discount opportunties for renewing early.

Q. I'm currently in a Trial Membership and would like to upgrade to the Premium Membership now. When would my Premium Membership dues start?

A. The first 8 weeks of reports come as part of your initial Premium Membership fee. Upon receipt of your 8th report, your credit card on file would be debited for your membership dues (usually on a Wednesday) for the next 4 weeks of reports and every 4 weeks thereafter for as long as the account is open and active. If you are currently in a membership plan, your Premium Membership dues would not start until after the 8th report following the last report due you from your current membership plan. However, you would have all the rights and privileges of a Premium Member as soon as your PM application is accepted regardless of whether you have completed a different plan.

Q. I noticed that new Premium Members get a free copy of the Square Timer. What is that?

A. Click here to go to the Square Timer page.

Q. Do you manage a fund for your members?

A. I do not trade your money for you or manage any member's trading account. What I do is analyze 20 markets for cycle turn dates and produce your weekly Ceppro Report. Also, I share trading insights, techniques and market analysis usually every week on the Precision Trading Membership forum. I'm also available to answer your questions and help you any way that I can to trade with greater precision.

Q. I want to renew my membership now that my trial is over. How is the Gold Premium Membership "the best deal" over your 12-week or 16-week plans?

A. Ah, the math tells all. The free software, discounts on some products, and access to the Special Content section are extras and not the main reason one becomes a Gold Member. Getting an opportunity to purchase the Ceppro program itself when the opportunity becomes available is also not the main reason. It simply is a better deal 'cost' wise. Simply calculate how much the Premium Membership would cost per week and also that of the fixed-week plans. You'll see that the Premium Membership is much less overall and for the long haul. Since we have many members that have been with us since the 90's, imagine how much they have saved because of going Premium.