Membership Cancellation Request

You have reached the Membership Cancellation Request page. The following will assist you in properly closing your account.

Are you sure you want to cancel your membership? Is there a problem that perhaps I may be able to help you with? If so, please contact me.

Are you simply expecting to be away from trading for a short period? If so, are you aware that you can 'suspend' your account and retain your currently low membership rate?

When you joined as a Premium Member, you paid an initial fee (non-refundable) for the opporutunity to lock in low membership dues that can never go up...never, as long as your account remains open. If you cancel your account, however, you would forfeit your rate. And in the event you wish to return at a later time, there is the non-refundable initial fee that would have to be paid again.

Therefore, if you are only looking to take a short absence from trading, you can 'suspend' your account. Suspending an account will freeze your membership dues while you are away. There is a small nominal fee of $20 that is deducted in advance that will cover up to 4 weeks of your absence and is debited every 4 weeks thereafter while the suspension is on. When you return and reactivate your account, your original billing will start exactly where it was frozen in the billing cycle when you left.

If you would rather suspend your account ($20 every 4/wks), click here.

To cancel your account and forfeit your locked-in rate, click here.

Thank you!