Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Rick Ratchford. My wife Sandy and I have been married over 19 years ...

... and we have a beautiful 10 year old daugher name Jenai. She's the little princess in the picture here.

Thank you for stopping by my website to read my bio and learn more about how I can help you trade with greater precision and less risk.

I was born in Southern California...

I'm the oldest of three children and grew up in the Los Angeles area. We moved from Temecula California to NW Arkansas in late 2003. Our home is nestled within the trees and up the hill from a beautiful lake that has 500 miles of shoreline. We love it here!

Looking back...

In 1977, I graduated from High School, where I had focused all my attention on computer sciences. This included a night course in 1973 (age 14) at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co. in Computer Programming, and a semister of Fortran programming at Cerritos College during my junior year (1996). About 9 months later, I was hired by a major computer company at that time, Sperry Univac.

During the 1980's, I went from working in computer technology to repairing radar systems for Hughes Ground Systems group. Later I moved into large scale Energy Management and Automation Systems with various companies, traveling all over the country to various Universities and Military Bases. I continued my education in various aspects of computer electronics and programming, and won a few promotions and acolades along the way.

I have always loved technical challenges. My friends sometimes joke that I communicate better with machines! This may be why I have a tendency to 'tell it as it is' and I usually 'get to the point.'

During the mid-80's, I had started developing a desire to investigate commodity trading. But it was in 1989 that I finally did as a result of a booklet that came in the mail from a certain "cowboy".

Price charts intrigued me, and so did all the variables that one had to consider before making a trading decision. I read many books, drew many hundreds of price charts by hand, and wrote several computer programs to help automate and test many theories that I was developing. It became obvious to me, after a period of time, that market price action was not occuring randomly. This pushed me to dig deeper and deeper, testing theories and experimenting. Thanks for computers and my programming, I was able to test many concepts in a much shorter period of time than what it could have taken me.

Even simple trendlines exposed the fact that there is a mathematical relationship between tops and bottoms. The fact that many price retracements occur at certain ratios of previous moves further supports this. And when you consider all the 'gurus' creating indicators of one sort or another, obviously they are trying to use MATH to help them PREDICT.

I scoured trading magazines for 'secrets' and super indicators. Read material on the fundamentals and seasonals of trading. Spent a lot of money on various ideas and gimmicks that didn't pan out. Went to several seminars. Read dozens, perhaps hundreds of books.

Although most of the stuff I came across was pure junk, it did teach me what did and did not work. Very little 'did' work. It would turn out that I would have to discover much of what 'does' work on my own by way of experimentation and lots of testing. But reading and studying everything I got my hands on helped me to formulate theories, to test hypothesis, to uncover amazing discoveries. I can still remember those times that I jumped out of my seat and ran to my wife, arms swinging all over the place as I tried to explain my new discoveries at the time while she looked at me like a mad man babbling in some language she didn't understand. "Is that Klingon you're speaking?"

Many traders believe that the markets are random. The evidence I had discovered proved otherwise. This allowed me to make many precise forecasts about market turns on public forums. It drew a lot of attention to me when I first came onto the Internet scene and starting making one accurate forecast after another on newsgroups and trading forums I visited. Oh, and it also attracted a lot of fire from heckers and naysayers, which continues down to this day.

Because my forecasts were so accurate the majority of the time, many took note and started to inquire of my 'secret'. Willing to share, I taught what I could and also provided a small software program I had written that wasn't pretty, but it worked great for helping traders time the market. Within a day the server it was on could not take the load generated by traders wanting to download it! It was immediately pulled off by the server admin.

At this time it became evident to me that I was wasting my time working a full-time job during the day in my computer career (programmer) and also trying to keep up with emails from traders and working with my trading software. I made the software user-friendly with a nice interface and put it back on another server for a small price. Orders were flooding in! Thus, my trading business was started. So officially in 1996 I left my 19 year career in computers and started FutureSoft Publishing (now ProfitMax Trading Inc.).

And we continue to this day!

Having started out as a trader as well as one researching and developing trading tools, I had firsthand experience with the perils that face all traders.

I've experienced all the emotions of fear and greed. Having gone through all this, my knowledge has been penned into many articles that were originally printed in CTCN, the Traders Digest site, and now many websites all over the internet.

Perhaps you have seen one or more of my trading articles. Market analysis and trading is a passion of mine. I cannot get enough of it. Since starting my trading business, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of traders all over the world get a better understanding of the markets. I just love to talk about trading! And I'm a regular target for those who refuse to accept that the market can and are predictable. But that will never stop me from sharing what I know to be true.

I have studied works of W. D. Gann, J. M. Hurst, George Bayer and many others who have shared their knowledge about market cycles. Coming to understand the affect that cycles have on price action resulted in developing additional proprietary forecasting tools that simply increased my forecasting edge.

Up to this point, I was providing my trading members/customers with precision turn dates (called Fdates) and software trading tools that were strictly based on Geometric Mathematics (proprietary) algorithm that I developed in early 1996. But adding a deep understanding of cycles was the perfect compliment, another piece of the universal puzzle.

My greatest achievement is my proprietary Fdates Algorithm (mathematical) and proprietary Cycle Extraction Protocol (cycle pattern recognition) called Ceppro. The Fdates/Ceppro programs make up my central toolset for forecasting future tops and bottoms.

It is hard to keep all this within me. I just want to share it with everyone. But at the same time, it would only be appreciated by others like myself willing to put a little effort into it.

You just cannot give such powerful works away. It isn't appreciated. So now I teach within the membership those who are paying to be better traders. Those seeking for 'free stuff' never seem to do anything to help themselves. That is just the way it is. So for the members, I use my discoveries to produce their weekly reports with all the turn dates and provide them with weekly market analysis.

Even traders who respect the power of my work may be too busy and simply want to have great stuff to work with. No problem, I'm glad to be of help. We all cannot have the same passion for numbers, lines, charts, etc. I'll put the information together every week, and my trading members can trade them to their hearts content.

My business status is that of a Market Analyst, and I'm considered a Publisher by the CFTC. Although I onced was a registered CTA, in 2000 the requirement of Publishers to be registered as CTA's was dropped due to the Frank Taucher case. If sometime in the future I decide to manage trading accounts for others or give personalized trading advice (geared toward a single trader rather than a group), then I would once again register as a CTA, pay the yearly fees and do all the bureaucratic paperwork associated with that occupation. But managing accounts just isn't something I believe I'll ever do.

I truly believe that this is the best trading membership (the only of its kind actually) with the best precision trading information around. You may have questions and need answers. If so, I'll be happy to help you.

You can contact me anytime via email at or you can call me at 479 936-1380. Please call between 10:00am - 2:00pm (Central time) Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Like any family man, I must have time with my family and friends or to get things done. So please only call during the times and days listed. If I do not answer, leave a clear message saying your name and number slowly and give best time to call back. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

I sincerely wish you much success.