Precise Market Cycles Forecasting for Futures Commodities and Forex Traders!

Find out how knowing in advance when to expect market tops and bottoms can make a world of difference for your trading.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to know when to expect the next top or bottom in the Futures Commodities and Forex markets? You may have come to believe that there is no way to do this - that the market is random and predicting future tops and bottoms with any kind of accuracy is impossible.

Have you ever wondered then why all the indicators found in various trading books and software programs? All these indicators have one thing in common...they rely on historical price data in an attempt to predict what the market will do next.

Obviously then, even the most critical voices about the markets being predictable have been subscribing to the idea by the simple fact of using these indicators for their own technical analysis.


Don Parizo, Vermont

“I have never met an individual more knowledgeable, dedicated and capable to teach the principles of precision trading than Rick Ratchford."


How many times have you noticed on a price chart a pattern that you've seen before? Many times I'm sure. Why, there are even books on these patterns as they repeat so often.

For example, there is the "W" pattern (double-bottom), the "M" pattern (double-top). There is the very common "Heads and Shoulders" pattern, the ascending or descending "Triangle" or "Flag" patterns. And more!

What this demonstrates is that there is some order to market behavior. In fact, there is much more than you may think! In my own studies over the past 16+ years, I've discovered many fascinating secrets about market behavior that convinced me many years ago that the markets are in fact operating within certain "laws". Much like a ball dropped from a roof must obey the Law of Gravity, the markets also have "laws" that it must obey. Learn what these natural "laws" are and you will have an advantage that most other traders do not.


Chris M., Ohio

“Before joining Rick I just wandered around the markets making trades and burning commissions, but by using Rick’s cycle of analysis and his membership services I have gone from losing money in the markets to turning losses to profits.”


Knowing with a high degree of accuracy when to expect a market top or bottom to form is an incredible edge that every trader can use to great advantage. I would rather buy a market knowing it has just started to put in a bottom rather than hoping it will. Confidence in your trade is as important to your trading bottom line as is your ability to time the market. You might say that my work with market forecasting is a 'confidence-builder' to those who use it.

I'm well aware that you may be somewhat skeptical. I was in the beginning, prior to my starting down the road towards market forecasting. I've studied the works of legiondary market forecasters such as W. D. Gann and George Bayer, as well as others. Have delved into the mysteries of market cycles, learning a great deal from persons like J. M. Hurst and Edward Dewey. And as a result, I've made many wonderful discoveries that has allowed me to forecast market turns with incredible accuracy time and time again!

But the thing is, we are not talking about whether I am convinced that the markets can be accurately forecasted, we're talking about YOU!

So to help you come to see with YOUR OWN EYES the power and value of market forecasting for the purpose of trading with greater precision than ever before, I have made available a FREE market forecasting newsletter called the Ceppro Market Newsletter.


While the FREE newsletter is not going to give you what you can get as a member of our Precision Trading Membership (details below), it will in fact demonstrate to you the amazing accuracy of my market forecasting by way of periodic sample forecasts.

I'm quite aware that "seeing is believing". And in fact, you will indeed see if you subscribe to the FREE newsletter.

Once you "see" the kind of trading power you can have with this kind of information at your fingertips each and every day, you are going to want to join our group of precision traders.

Okay, so perhaps you are wondering what you can expect to receive by joining our Precision Trading Membership. As a member...

  • Every weekend you will receive the Ceppro Report. This report contains the dates for upcoming daily and weekly tops and bottoms for 20 futures and commodity markets. Five of these are the major currencies, which can be used to trade the Forex currencies paired to the USD.
  • Access to our Precision Trading Forum. This forum contains a wealth of trading information in the form of text and video lessons.
  • You will be able to communicate with other traders like yourself from within the Precision Trading Forum. Ask questions or discus trades.
  • Every week I provide my thoughts and analysis on various markets. Trading opportunties are often highlighted.

And there is one more very important benefit to joining us, and that is that I will be there to help you personally every step of the way!

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Rather than joining some mystery service as you might have done in the past elsewhere, I have always been accessible to my fellow traders either online (trading forum, email) or by phone. If you don't understand something, just ask.

That is what I'm here for, to help you get the most bang out of your trading and help remove the 'agony' you may have been experiencing up to now.

To join is easy. Either click on the link JOIN at the top of this page or on the button below.


I look forward to the opportunity to help you realize your trading goals.


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